License and terms of use stromectol

Karina Dmitrieva is 11 and a half years old. Always active and cheerful, the girl has spent the last year under IV fluids and medical supervision. Karina's health problems began in December 2020. The child started having headaches, nausea and vomiting. Doctors suggested that her stomach wasn't normal, and prescribed a treatment. But time passed, and the girl was getting worse. Her gait became unstable, one eye began to squint, then the other, there were pains in her neck - such that the child cried at the slightest movement.

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Thanks, says mother Olga, there was a good doctor in our village who sent Karina to Kaliningrad for an examination. There, in the hospital, she had an MRI and called her parents: "Come immediately, the girl has a tumor in her head!"

Licence for Stromectol


Stromectol is a medication used to treat parasitic infections caused by certain worms. It contains the active ingredient ivermectin, which works by killing the parasites and preventing them from multiplying in the body.

In many countries, Stromectol is available only with a prescription from a licensed healthcare professional. This means that individuals cannot simply purchase the medication over-the-counter or without the guidance of a medical professional.

In addition to a prescription requirement, there may also be specific licensing requirements for the distribution and sale of Stromectol. These requirements may vary depending on the country and its regulatory body, as well as the specific use case for the medication.

For example, in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Stromectol for the treatment of two specific types of parasitic infections: strongyloidiasis and onchocerciasis. The medication may be prescribed by a licensed healthcare provider and dispensed by a licensed pharmacist.

However, the FDA has not approved Ivermectin for humans for the treatment of COVID-19, despite some claims suggesting its efficacy in treating the disease. As such, any distribution or sale of the medication for this purpose would be considered off-label use and may not be in compliance with licensing requirements.

It is important for individuals to follow licensing and prescription requirements for Stromectol in order to ensure the safe and effective use of the medication. This may involve consulting with a healthcare professional and obtaining the medication from a licensed pharmacy or other authorized distributor.

Ultimately, licensing for Stromectol is intended to protect the health and safety of individuals who may use the medication, and to ensure that it is used appropriately and in compliance with regulatory standards.